Important Tips That Will be Helpful in Lawn Care and Maintenance

Many homeowners want to have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood but this will require some effort so as to achieve that. Lawn care and maintenance is not a challenging task but to have that wow factor you are required to put in some work. An ideal outdoor space can be tricky to create but with the support of an expert you can achieve a great lawn. Lawn care and maintenance is basically providing the grass with the necessary elements such as air, sunlight, nutrients and water for it to thrive. You can easily achieve a professional looking lawn by following these amazing tips that are centered on the grass essential elements.

Lawn aeration is one of the most important things that you should consider by ensuring that the soil has plenty of air. Annually aerate your lawn as this will enhance the penetration of water and very essential nutrients into the soil. Soil tend to become very compact over time especially in areas with foot traffic and essential nutrients do not reach into the soil which can impact your grass negatively. Aerating your lawn is best during autumn and you can do it manually or purchase mechanical device that has been designed to aerate the lawn.

A beautiful green lawn requires to be fed with the right proportions of fertilizers so as to achieve this. Fertilizers are of very many varieties that you can choose from but you should ensure that you are purchasing from a trusted and a reputable firm. It is important to know those additional nutrients to the soil will prevent the grass from thinning once it has absorbed all the soil nutrients. Fertilizing your lawn in spring is a wise decision so as to jumpstart the root development then from there do it progressively in autumn in preparation for the harsh winter.

When mowing your lawn it is always advisable to use sharp mower blades and don’t attempt to cut the lawn when the grass is wet. In order to cut the grass evenly and cleanly the use of a very sharp mower blade is encouraged as using a badly maintained mower blade is likely to ruin your grass. To encourage your grass to expand it is good to mow but ensure you do not exceed a third of the grass blade since it will take a lot of time for the grass to recover. To achieve a thicker lawn that will be resistant to weeds and diseases regular mowing is encouraged to achieve a professional lawn look.

It is important to water your lawn heavily as this will promote the growth of healthy grass.

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